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No Sweat

We made a naturally blended, chemical free deodorant to support your body, not intoxicate it. No Sweat makes you smell great and makes you alkalise so you can socialise. 
The most effective way to have a better body odor. 
As long as you also watch what you eat, 
how much coffee you drink and how much sleep you get, 
but that goes for everything good in life. 

We blended this product with the absolute finest ingredients we could find on the planet, as we are freaks of nature.

No Sweat deodorant is available in five wonderful scents: 
Nojito, a fresh blend of lime.
Coconuts, an exotic blend and tribute to our roots.
Mandarin, a sensual and warm blend of mandarin.
Lovender, a relaxing and calming blend.
Blossom, a fresh and tropical blend.

Love from The Ohm Collection.

No Sweat Coconuts 60gr

No Sweat Coconuts    60gr

No Sweat Coconuts

Coconuts, an exotic blend and tribute to our roots.
Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Apis Mellefica Oil, Cedrus Atlantica Wood Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Sodium bicarbonaat.

12.00  Euro 10.00