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An idea is born
Raised by her grandmother in Japan Geisha, Susie has not grown up as a typical child. Perhaps because of her regular weekly visits to the Japanese bathhouses or perhaps, instead of the traditional Western education, were Susie's studies herbs, tea, sake, trees, flowers and other beautiful things of nature, or maybe it was because Susie an avid gardener since she was 5 years old, growing berries to make her own face masks ... This can all be the inspiration for the creation of 100% Pure.
Susie her grandmother was sent to San Francisco when she was 15 because she did not want her beloved granddaughter in her footsteps. Homesick and lonely Susie spent her free time to helping animals and volunteering at animal shelters. Her love for animals is still a large part of her life and her ultimate mission is to help as many animals.

During her studies at the University of California at Berkeley, Susie discovered her calling by accident. Susie wanted to protect her skin from aging with one of the heavily advertised Vitamin C Serum sold in luxury department stores. This seemed worth it to buy and bought it a week to save money for lunch. When she noticed that the serum was brown after one week of opening, she became upset. Susie knew that the serum was turned brown by oxidation. She realized that not only the oxidation of vitamin C has less power, but also that free radicals directly on your skin. Susie was upset how cosmetic companies gave a misrepresentation of what they sold. So, she discovered a way to stabilize all natural ingredients to oxidation and patented this technology. Once they patented invention, asked some of the world's largest cosmetics companies Susie them whether they wanted to work as a product developer.

Honesty in Cosmetics & 100% Pure Integrity
During a typical day in the lab, Susie was busy formulating the "next big eye cream 'when she accidentally knocks over bottle of a chemical in the eye cream should be used. Within a few minutes, the chemical had a hole dug into the lab table. Shocked that the ingredients used in cosmetics aggressively enough to a lab table to eat, Susie began to dig for answers. She soon discovered that many chemicals that are widely used in cosmetics cancer, tumors, and other skin irritations can cause, besides the use of toxic chemicals. Susie knew that the formula just a hint of the active ingredients, the advertising was made and that most formulas are diluted with water, thickeners, emulsifiers and other cheap fillers to "cut down". Susie was also indignant over the fact that many companies claim to do no animal testing, since the final formula itself is not tested on animals, many of the ingredients are. 100% Pure products are made with natural ingredients such as fruit, honey, seaweed and other natural herbs - these natural ingredients are never tested on animals.
Honesty in Cosmetics & 100% Pure Integrity
After exposing the addition to the manufacture of cosmetics, Susie has chosen for its integrity, to maintain and made it her mission to pure, effective and humane products.

Revolutionary fruit pigmented cosmetics
Susie Wang got an idea for the use of fruit and vegetable pigments in make-up while in her organic garden, picked blackberries and noticed how her fingers colored berries. The idea of ??fruit and vegetables pigmented cosmetics is revolutionary and one of the major innovations in make-up, because all other cosmetics are made with FD & C colors (synthetic dyes) or minerals. Why are fruit and vegetable pigments such a big deal? All the antioxidants and vitamins in fruits and vegetables remain in the pigments, so all the healthy nutrients of the fruits and vegetables directly on your skin! With this discovery, Susie created a whole line of 100% natural fruit and vegetables pigmented cosmetics called 100% Pure.

About 100% Pure
Made in our factory in Oakland, CA and New Jersey and her home office in Atherton, with offices in Napa and Paris, provides 100% Pure sure all formulas really 100% Pure are vegan (or vegetarian when honey used), free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and other toxins. 100% Pure has the most concentrated formulas that are not diluted with water, thickeners, emulsifiers or other cheap fillers. 100% Pure products are never tested on animals. In fact it is the company's mission to help animals and save. 100% Pure makeup brushes are cruelty free vegan brushes made of antibacterial synthetic fibers instead of the commonly used animal fur, such as marten, fox, mink, squirrel, rabbit and other animal fur.

A bright future
100% Pure 100% Pure opens second store at Santana Row in San Jose CA, a luxury shopping center with neighbors like Gucci, Burberry, Anthropologie, Priscilla of Boston, Ferragamo and others. The first store is located on College Avenue in Berkeley. 100% Pure has doubled its turnover since its launch in 2005 and has proved to be one of the leaders in organic skin care / cosmetics industry and are continuing to develop new products.